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Don’t Forget About These Costly Areas in Retirement – Morningstar – 02/07/18

Guard Against These 3 Nonfinancial Retirement Risks Christine Benz says some expenses tend to sneak up on even those with a good idea of what their cost of living will be. Combination Life and Long Term Care Insurance with Lifetime Benefits and Guaranteed Premiums Long Term Care Insurance in Video at 2:14 to 3:20   […]

The Power of Dividend Investing – Visual Capitalist – 02/06/18

The Power of Dividend Investing The advantages of dividend investing are as follows: Companies can increase dividends over time. (P&G, for example, has increased their dividend every year for 60 years) Companies can’t fake dividends – a company either declares a dividend, or it doesn’t Dividends protect against inflation. (Dividends have increased 4.2% since 1912, […]

Will 401(k) Forfeiture Take Away Your Retirement Savings? – Yahoo Finance – 01/25/18

Will 401(k) Forfeiture Take Away Your Retirement Savings? Many American workers have access to 401(k) plans that can help them save for retirement. With extremely high contribution limits, matching contributions from many employers, and tax-deferred growth, a 401(k) has a lot of benefits that make can it the most attractive option for your savings. However, […]

Long Term Care Insurance Tax Benefits 2018 – Long Term Care University – 01/15/18

    Long Term Care University – Question of the Month – 01/15/18 Research By Aaron Skloff, AIF, CFA, MBA Q: Can long term care insurance be offered as a company benefit to all or a limited number of our employees? If so, are there any tax advantages for employers or employees? Are there tax […]