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Conquering Retirement – August 11, 2012

401(k)s for the Self-Employed

By Ellen E. Schultz

More older people than ever are working for themselves these days, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and self-employment rises steadily with age. The group with the most self-employed? Men 55 to 64 years old.

That means they have to take the initiative to save for their retirement—and that is far trickier than simply signing up for a company 401(k) plan.

Individual 401(k)s. These are the most flexible option and let you make the largest contributions, or “deferrals.”

SEP-IRAs. Simplified employee pensions are often called SEP-IRAs, because your contributions go into an IRA. You can contribute up to 25% of your net self-employment income, up to a maximum of $50,000 in 2012. Contributions are deductible as a business expense.

Comments August 11, 2012

With an Individual 401(k) you can contribute on a pre-tax and/or post-tax basis.  Work with your Financial Adviser to design a 401(k) plan with a post-tax Roth election.  Withdrawals of post-tax Roth contributions, their gains, their interest and their dividends are free from income taxes.

Plans with a post-tax Roth election allow you to contribute up to $17,000 per year (if under age 50) or up to $22,500 per year (if age 50 or over) in any combination of pre-tax and/or post-tax dollars.  Although contributions on a post-tax basis to the Roth portion of the plan forgo the immediate tax benefit that pre-tax contributions gain, they are a hedge against anticipated higher income tax rates on withdrawals in future years.  Employer contributions to a 401(k) are on a pre-tax basis and are subject to income taxes upon withdrawal.

With a SEP-IRA you can only contribute on a pre-tax basis.  The same way pre-tax contributions to a 401(k) by an employee and/or employer are subject to income taxes upon withdrawal, SEP-IRA contributions are subject to income taxes upon withdrawal.

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