Dividend Paying Stocks Outperform 06/30/91-06/30/11

Companies With The Highest Dividend Yields Have Provided The Greatest Returns

Growth of a hypothetical $10,000 initial investment in the index and each quintile, with dividends reinvested, 06/30/91-06/30/11.

Source: FactSet. Represents American Funds analysis of companies, which constitute the MSCI World ex USA Index, on the basis of dividend yield. The companies were divided into quintiles that were reconstituted quarterly throughout the 20-year period. The number of companies varied each quarter; as of 6/30/11, there were 1,045 companies in the index. Companies with a dividend yield of 4.691% or greater as of that date represented Quintile 1. The dividend yield range was as follows for the other quintiles: 3.565%–4.689% for Quintile 2, 2.364%–3.563% for Quintile 3, 1.380%–2.363% for Quintile 4 and 0%–1.379% for Quintile 5. The index is unmanaged, and its results do not reflect the effect of sales charges, commissions, account fees, expenses or taxes.

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