Top 5 Reasons Skloff Financial Group Should Manage Your 403(b) Plan

Who’s managing your 403(b) retirement plan?

Who’s making changes in your investment choices for your plan?

Who’s assuring your participants have a wide variety of sub-asset classes?

Who’s providing your participants group and one-on-one education?

As a plan sponsor fiduciary, it is your responsibility to provide good resources to your participants.

In a study based on nearly one million participant 401(k) portfolios, 69% of participants had inefficient portfolios and/or inappropriate risk levels. Retirement plan assets generally represent your largest investment asset. With Skloff Financial Group, your assets will be given the attention they require.

1. You are busy focused on your business and human resources.

2. You want comfort that your employees’ retirement goals will be met.

3. You want customized portfolio management.

4. You want a dedicated Financial Advisor you can speak with.

5. You want your plan managed by experts.